NorthBest Represent!

Nobody puts Baby in the corner.  But I'll go, the keg is over there.... I live way up in the left hand side of the country in a place called the Pacific Northwest.  I think we invented rain, flannel, and microbrews.  Oh and that coffee thing too.  We order coffee like it’s our ‘effing job, “Extra... Continue Reading →

Low and Slow, That is the Tempo

I don’t remember when I got my first crockpot.  I feel like it’s one of those things people buy for kids in their mid-20’s ‘cause they know you can’t cook.  So they just give you what equates to an earthen-ware hot tub for your food to soak in while you sleep all day.  Plus, most... Continue Reading →

Hello Socially Mediast Peoples!

Close eyes, breathe deep, exhale…jump! So after waiting and waiting to join the rest of the world on social media I decided this was the best way.  I don’t have time to get on Facebook and keep the world updated on what I do.  I’m too busy doing it.  Plus I don’t want ex-girlfriends finding... Continue Reading →

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