Empanadas, A Ballad, Vol 1

Note: I want to take a minute to reflect upon the serious nature of the world today. As you read this blog, our sincere hope is that you and your family are safe and healthy, and continue to remain that way. We have all been affected by this pandemic and I don't mean to make... Continue Reading →

Italian Nights

I love when an unassuming event turns into a badass experience.  Like, say you are camping, and you decide to take a stroll through the woods. You marvel at nature, look at bird, look at squirrel, and wave at chippymunk….then all of a sudden you see Sasquatch 2-foot donkey kick a bear to the face! ... Continue Reading →

Spanish Lessons

I’ve never been to Spain.  I don’t know the first thing about the country or it’s people.  Everything I know about this far-off land has been absorbed through watching the late, great, Anthony Bourdain go there to eat food and drink wine.  It always looked cool, but I never really had much of a desire... Continue Reading →

Heavy Metal Date Night

I remember when I first met the Wifey, one of our first date nights was her cooking me Filipino food.  She came to my ghetto-fabulous low-rent home in North Seattle with the uncut grass, couch on the porch, Ikea futon in the living room, and spray-painted TV (my roomie wanted a more modern looking TV... Continue Reading →

Feelin’ it in my Seoul

Here’s the scene…we are on vacation in Makakilo City.   Me and my family just flew in on Wednesday from rainy Bothell.  Today is Thursday, as the Hawaiian sun proudly shines on my heat deprived epidermis (big vocab, 5 years of college!) providing that deep warmth you feel in your bones.  You know the kind…where you... Continue Reading →

Hangin’ with the Alley Cats

I think I was 21 when I first moved to Seattle from my hometown of Tacoma.  I had moved into a college house filled with all my T-Town homies and we mostly ate food, went to the gym, and studied.  We were a bit like Jersey Shore but without all the hair and staged fights.... Continue Reading →

Blame It On the Rain

Gettin' Soup'd Up Every year, the radiant Northwest summer sun fades into clouds, those clouds bulk up with rain, and that rain falls on my head for the next 9 months, I say to myself, “dude, go buy an umbrella.”  But anyone who is from here knows that we don’t do that.  You can tell... Continue Reading →

Under the Influence

A lot of what I have been experiencing lately are what I like to call “wake the f**k up” moments.  You see, the problem with me is that I am hard headed and for some reason it takes me smacking my hand with a hammer to realize “damn, this is gonna hurt”…however, I have been... Continue Reading →

Rice+Seaweed+Spam= Smiles

All roads lead to Spam because spelled backwards its “Maps” Very few moments have the power to change a person in a substantially impactful way.  Getting married to the love of your life, having your first child and feeling their tiny fingers grasping your hand, being too aggressive with your jeans zipper on a dark... Continue Reading →

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